"STATUS" - A SHORT FILm By Christie dÉsir

When undocumented Christie is left alone to care for her brother she wrestles with uncertainty while waiting on her Temporary Protective Status.

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film synopsis

STATUS is a twist on a coming-of-age physiological drama. Christie a UPENN acceptee has yet to enroll due to finances, paranoia of deportation and a series of sleep paralysis sending her into deep hallucinations. 

As she unexpectedly takes on new responsibility of her brother in their mother's absence she works long hours in hopes to give him a better adolescence experience. 

Evil spirits and the Trump Administrations upcoming decision to end TPS tries to keep her mentally stuck, but she is determined to fight for her family's life in America.  

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About Me

Miss Universe Haiti / Building a School

In 2014, I left my career at Interscope Records doing Branded Content & Partnerships behind in NYC to move to my native country and fulfill my life with a more meaningful purpose. During my time there volunteering and getting involved with charity work at schools and orphanages, I competed for Miss Haiti and went on to represent my country for the Miss Universe Beauty Competition. I used this platform to spread the word about the lack of education later on partnering with Haiti Health Initiative to build a school in a small village in Timo, Haiti. I am a risk taker and I'll risk it all to make a difference in at least one childs life. Visit: https://haitihealthinitiative.org

ROLE Model

I have years of experience doing runway at NYFW, Miami Swim Week, Life Ball and other gala's walking for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Dsqaured, Custo Barcelona, LeAnne Marshall and more. I always knew I wanted to be on TV when I booked my first commercial for "Barbie" at 7 yrs old. I do look books, e-commerce, print, trade shows and fit modeling for various  companies including Boscov's, QVC, Shutterstock and boutique shops.  I am a Beauty and Food & Cocktail Enthusiast. Not only am I a model, but I know with little girls looking up to me all over the world with an online following of over 50k, I am a full time role model, public figure and influencer. It is my duty to show young ladies that with hope, determination, education and a positive attitude anything is possible. Book me as your Host for your next Beauty Event, Food Festival, Gala, School Assembly and much more.

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Christie Desir Acting Resume YJB 2018 (pdf)


Building a school in haiti

Joining Forces with HHI


Christie understood at an early age that her purpose in life is to give back to Haiti by creating sustainable and resourceful jobs and by contributing to youth education development.  She believes that every child should have access to basic education, no matter what circumstances they live in. On her first mission trip with HHI to the village Timo, she instantly felt connected with the area and, most importantly, with the people. She witnessed a whole community come together in hopes for a better life, to provide for their families on their own, and for continuous education. Christie is dedicated to improving the health, education level, and well-being of Haitians, one community at a time, by joining forces and collaborating with Haiti Heath Initiative.

Haiti Health Initiative



Haiti Health Initiative aims to improve the overall health and well being of rural Haitians, one community at a time. We seek to accomplish this through providing education and services in primary health care, dental care, public health, and nutrition within each community at risk. 


Our vision is that ultimately each rural community will eventually be able to utilize its own resources and support itself. Haiti Health Initiative aspires to become a model organization that supports current medical, dental, and other healthy living practices in rural communities, as well as promote sustainable and culturally appropriate change through collaboration with local and international partners.

The Story of the IMPV School


The Institution Mixte de la Perfection de Viciere (IMPV) school project is one of Haiti Health Initiative’s many humanitarian efforts. In progress since 2015, the project aims to bring a much-needed new facility to the Girls and Boys School of Perfection of Viciere [translated] in the remote, mountainous village of Timo (or Nan Falez, which means “at the bottom of the cliffs”).  The IMPV school was founded in October 2010 by Timo native and resident Mr. Vernet Jean Gilles to serve the greater community of Timo. This community currently includes 227 IMPV-attending students, 12 teachers, and Gilles himself as principle and lead administrator. The school is housed primarily in a 20 x 20 ft. church facility. About 100 students meet in the church and the other 127 are distributed between the satellites. The buildings are not habitable in hot weather, and the children are often sent home early on excessively hot days.

ARUP Partnership


In October 2015, ARUP—a global firm of independent designers, architects, and engineers— reached out to Christie Desir to join the project. Since then, HHI and its local Haitian partners have worked with ARUP to find a suitable plot of land for the new school building, and ARUP and HHI have worked together to design the school building itself, which includes several important innovations, as well as an external latrine facility and a retaining wall. Please visit our website to see designs and learn more about the construction process. 

Sponsor a Child


The children in Timo will return to school this month. Several of you have sponsored the education of 1 child or more, so thank you very much. We’re still looking for additional sponsors to help make it possible for 30 more children to go back to school for the 2018-2019 school year. The annual cost is only about $350. Education and Training is the best prevention of future poverty. 


Donate to build the school


The earthworks for the new Timo school are completed. This includes retaining walls, perimeter walls and fencing. We resumed talks with our engineer and architect partners at Arup (designer of Sydney Opera House) who are reviewing the completed earthworks. The earthworks could not be accomplished without the financial contributions of our valued donors. Thank you to our donors and partners in the US, Canada, UK, and Haiti. We now need to raise about $100,000 for the next phase of the construction. The new school will be a remarkable gift to the current and future generations. 

Contact Me

Philadelphia Representation - Modeling: Joy Talent Management 

Agent Contact: Joy E. Pinizzotto joy@joytalentagency.com

Atlanta & South East Representation - TV & Film Acting: YJB Talent 

Agent Contact: Dorceia Carr yjbmovement@gmail.com

Christie Desir, LLC.

New York, New York, United States

I do all of my own pr: feel free to Drop me a line to start conversation and i'll personally get back to you within 1-2 business days


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